All that glitters are not gold

Recently when we went to an e-learning content development renewal agreement, we retained by a premier institution as one of their preferred vendor. The highlight is they also said the so called giants in the industry which are having well established brand names are not so creative and less flexible when it comes to customization.

Not to mistake, that this is shared to belittle those competitors but to say that the notion and perception or the temptation which arises in you when you look for the BIG brands in the e-learning industry which are not their core solutions is certainly irresistible.

Please don’t fall on the lights on seeing the other night flies swarming around it. How many clients they handle at a time? Do they have the time to spend with a customer to know their customization needs?

Is it enough to have proper documentation team without having trick and nuances in the customized content development?

When it comes to White House Business Solutions P Ltd, which has its offshore development center in Chennai – India, with its own infrastructure. And by seeing the clients list, you will be well aware that we spent these 16 years in developing the custom e-learning content development across various domains in the field of education with the premier institutions like the Ministry of Educations in different countries.

It is true that a proverbial saying, “All that glitters are not gold”.

Because White House Business Solutions P Ltd is PLATINUM which is unique and can be placed above gold with its long term value.


Started in 1999, and located at the heart of the city, WHBS has its own infrastructure, with an employee base of 150+. Our reputed clientele list will show how far we've been soughted, trusted and delivered for various sectors in various domains. Extending support to the domain experts by partnering with them, we proposed successful business models to establish their products worldwide and to create their brand identity. With new tools, standards, compliances cropping up day by day due to technological advancements, WHBS offers one stop solution for all your needs in elearning industry.