Completion of Triggerware UI for CS3-Inc, Los Angeles

We are happy to announce that the UI design for the product Triggerware for CS3-Inc., Los Angeles, was completed successfully. WHBS offers UI design solutions with their experience in working with international organizations for the span of 18 years.

About TriggerWare-TriggerWare offers an elegant solution to the problem of formulating ad-hoc queries over any number of Internet data sources. Using the concept of a virtual database, TriggerWare can leverage the full power of a logical query language over real-time data from many data sources.

In addition, TriggerWare is the most sophisticated triggering and complex event processing and correlation engine available in the marketplace today.

In comparison to its competition, TriggerWare offers many critical technology differentiators, like real-time, ad-hoc queries over internet data sources and complex event correlation.

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