GPS Vehicle Tracker with RFID

RFID  Applications in the following fields

To identify persons

Shopping Malls:
To identify items/products
To identify cargo shipments

RFID with Tracker : Several Solutions such as:

* Cabs – For security of passengers
* School Buses – For children’s safety and Parent’s Concern
* Cargo Tracking – For better control over cargo and distribution

Public Transport System

Application : School Buses

Solution with RFID Enabled Tracker :

Tracking with RFID is an effective solution in relieving the parents of this worry  School buses fitted with RFID enabled tracker and children.

Carrying RFID name tags can let parents track where their children are?

The system can be configured to alert the parents of their child getting out of or getting onto the bus in real time.

The Tracker unit can be interfaced with external sensor hardware to make bus more safe or to call  for help during crisis.

Many more alerts can be configured with system in cases such as:

* If their child does not board the bus when it leaves from school
* If bus takes a halt between school and home
* If the bus breaks down