Ocular menus in moodle customization UI

Customizing moodle as per the client requirements is very tough and tedious job. Because the solution provider has to meet the expectation fo the client what he imagines and what he wants exactly.

Due to the internet exposure and more sample availability, the clients are expecting, even if not possible, all requirements of them should be done right away in the user interface during moodle customization. And as the solution provider we are getting business and customer satisfaction is our top most priority. One such requirment was getting ocular design menu in the UI of moodle.

Having different experts team in designing and scripting side, we overwhelmed the client with more than what he expected. Guess what? He fully utilized our potential in getting the best from that UI design.

With the use of various teams, we achieved and the customer is now happy with his dream came true.  We undertake creative UI designs along with the moodle customization and we are experienced in this domain for 8+ years.

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