OFF-the-shelf(ved) courses

Lots of solution providers are now bought and installing the learning management systems which they offer at lower licensing prices. Along with the learning management systems they also buying more off-the-shelf courses like soft skill courses. But what they easily forgot is, the existence of different cultures globally.

For example an off-the-shelf content used in America cannot be used in Saudi Arabia or in Negara Brunei Darussalam and a content used in Europe cannot be used in China.

This is the point where the over confidence in buying the off-the-shelf courses and bullying the custom content developers meets. Nevertheless, it is not too late to the organizations those who installed the learning management systems and looking for customizing their existing content or looking for the new custom content development as per their regional rules.

We, White House Business solutions P Ltd, has a volume of experience in developing content for UK, America, Scotland, Malaysia, Singapore, Negara Brunei Darussalam, Saudi Arabia and France. With all the regions in the globe almost covered, we are there who seeks the services and solutions of the custom content development.

There is a proverbial saying like, “Trust a known devil than trusting an unknown Satan.”

Why you look for any other unknown service/solution provider who never had any experience. It is better to use White House Business Solutions P Ltd services to supply our experience to you and to make your work effortless and painless.