Rapid and custom e-learning development by authoring tools

In the e-learning frontier, Custom course design is one of the most demanded subject for e-learning developers. Custom content makes the training more effective and brings out the expected outcome of the training. Meanwhile many organizations anticipate rapid development and wish to reduce their training cost. As you begin your search for rapid, custom course development with affordable budget you will quickly come to the place of authoring tools.

Most of the developers who work in custom development at places use authoring tools. The right multi-device authoring tools create flexible, effective, and engaging learning environment that learners enjoy learning and tends to the effective outcome.

Authoring tools like Captivate, Claro, Lectora and Storyline enabled the folks to create robust courses. When you look at the features of an authoring tool, it embraces a wide range of development functions such as HTML5 complaint for smooth and speedy learning interface; allows remote authoring, collaboration, and delivery; multiple language support for learners of different cultures and backgrounds; and includes continue scrolling, as well as responsive and adaptive design techniques , for the best user experience.

As Authoring tool comprises many features—let us discuss some of them.

1.     HTML5 publishing
2.     Responsiveness
3.     Multiple Language Support
4.     Accessibility

In the e-learning industry, WHBS have proven skills in rapid and custom course development and expert in handling the best authoring tools available in the market.


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