Three tips to improve custom content development or online courses


Instructional designers are playing a huge role in developing the multimedia courses. While designing the courses, the Instructional Designers (ID) have to consider many important activities to make the course effective.

The important things are content, graphics, audio, video, inter-activities, images and the most important aspect of the course development is how the learner or user is engaged while learning.  Course should be aligned with content, titles, sub–titles, colors, fonts and images. The use of these elements should be consistent throughout the course.

Find the tips below to create highly engaging e-Learning content:

1.  Involve SME throughout the course development

Make your e-Learning courses in an effective way by adding real life scenarios. Hence, you have to involve SME to make sure the content is effective. SME will give ideas related to such as real life incidents, videos and testimonials from the SME to enrich the content. Introducing case study is an also effective way to engage the earners.

SME should provide the content and that should make the learners to learn in an easy and better understanding way. The content should be up to the point. So, the learner will show interest to learn. The content should be realistic and the learners should able to apply these learning in their work environment.

2.  Content should be in coherent way

In instructional designing the most important thing is IDs should know the target audience. Content should be organized according to the target audience. Always make sure each slide has sufficient content. The learner should not be overburdened with the large amount of content. Introduce animations to explain any difficult content in detailed and effective way.

3.  Assess regularly

Regularly assess the learners in the e-learning course and make sure the content is reaching the learners. Adding formative assessments not only track their learning but also help reinforce the course. For all correct and incorrect answers give explanation to the learner to reinforce his learning.

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