Web based Vehicle Tracking System

GPS – Global positioning system is a technology to find out exactly where something is.

It can be fixed in a vehicle to provide information on exact location to monitor the route and progress of a delivery truck. The information/data automatically sent to a central tracking portal in real-time as it happens. WHBS provides the comprehensive software for GPS based fleet management – Gtru.

Gtru, a fleet management software allows you to plan, manage and despatch the consignments or vehicles movement of your fleet effectively. Equipped with latest technology GPS devices, you can monitor the visual movement of the vehicle live by our Gtru software.

WHBS offers GPS device installations, other tracking support devices such as RFID cards and reader, In-cabin camera, fuel cut-off device, thermal sensor, battery alarm, hand held printing device, and bar code reader for deliveries..More… http://www.transoncloud.com