Why should we E-Learn?

We, as working professionals often think we are done with studying and anything related to books and exams. Thanks to our dreadful public exams and semester exams that all helped us to become selective memory maniacs and forget everything right at the last day of our school or college.

The working style of companies had also allowed us to just do what we already know and didn’t give us the freedom or rather pressure to study anything, but just to learn something occasionally. But, the current scenario at the small, medium and large companies and corporate have taken a drast change and suddenly, everyone seems to be in a hurry to study something and better their career. But, again, we, still students at heart dread the word Study. And, that’s exactly the new technology driven learning and studying is given the term: E-Learning and not e-studying.

Ok, what is e-learning? Anything and everything you learn from internet with or without anyone’s help. And, the best part is you can do this at your convenience, from anywhere any time. Also, though you might have exams to take, (that is only if you are looking for some certifications and diplomas) usually there are no hard sounding exams, but some tests or quizzes just to make you know how well you have understood the content.

So, why should we E-learn? Simple, because, everyone and everything in the world is bit by the technology virus and to keep yourself immune to it, you are to learn. Keeping yourself immune doesn’t mean to stay away from it, but to stay live inside it. Getting promotions, salary hikes not only depend on your performance, but also your extra knowledge of the subject matter you deal with, be it marketing or finance. All those cute, little diplomas and certificates will actually help you set your foot strong in the organization and also take you forward in the race for promotions etc.

E-Learning is a healthy learning environment that lets you learn what you actually need and also an opportunity to network with different people from different regions, so you will get a chance to know the different techniques of handling your job without having to meet the embarrassment of actually going to the class or to ask people who are not your friends, as how do they solve any issue.

Having said of all the basic things of E-learning, we must also keep ourselves ahead of the latest happenings and versions of E-learning such as Mobile Learning, open source (moodle,joomla & drupal) to have a better learning mode and environment. So, what are we waiting for? Lets E-Learn………………

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