Moodle customization
What is Moodle?

Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments. You can download the software onto your own web server or ask one of our knowledgeable Moodle Partners to assist you.

Moodle is built by the Moodle project which is led and coordinated by Moodle HQ, an Australian company of 30 developers which is financially supported by a network of over 60 Moodle Partner service companies worldwide.


Why Moodle?
  • Supports more than 200 languages
  • Tracks training program effectively
  • With amazing reports
  • Highly flexible in terms of scalability
  • Hundred of plug-ins available to perform wide range of functions
  • Easy integration with other enterprise systems
  • An open source and anyone can tweak to fit their institution learning needs
  • Large community support
What we - WHBS do in Moodle customization?

We at White House Business Solutions P Ltd, offer various moodle customization services. The following are our moodle customization services and solutions.

  • Custom Moodle modifications for Online courses and examinations
  • Moodle custom themes and installation
  • Moodle theme design
  • Moodle course design
  • Moodle module development
  • Moodle plugin development
  • Payment gateway integration

We offer one stop solution for moodle customization services and we take care of support services also. For further informations mail us

Our experience in Moodle customization

Foreign currency exchange software:
Foreign currency exchange startups will maintain an excel sheet or some local softwares to maintain their transactions. They need to worry about their backups and their databases too. And if it is a paid proprietary sofware, we need to worry about the bugs and fixes. Not to mention the licensing fees too.Though it is hazzle free most of the times, if we need any customization in the software, we have to raise a request and wait for another release. All these can be get rid with one solution. We have readymade product for foreign currency exchange software. This is done in PHP and we can offer you at an affordable price.

Moodle customization for training centers:
Lot of training centers will cash in the summer holidays by offering various courses. We – White House Business Solutions P Ltd, completed a moodle customization project for a training academy which conducts almost 500 training courses in various categories, especially in multimedia. The customization involves setting up a platform for registration, giving access to the course reading material and taking quiz. It reduces the administration effort of the training center to an extent. There is no need for the bulk printing job for the training materials. Through online it is safe and secure and also the administrator can focus on each student activity and their performance in this moodle platform. White House Business Solutions offer moodle customization for such training centers to make their administration process easy and cost effective.

Tailing the leads
Its true that good work never fails to get appreciation. And as we are providing our services in this industry from 1998, most of our clients are referred clients by our satisfied clients. We can site many examples for this from the past. Most recently we worked with SPMM for a moodle customization project. This organization conducts a periodical assessment for the psychiatrists/counsellors and issue certifications. Based on our work, we have been referred by SPMM to another client QFRCEM, for which we did the same moodle customization process. "Customer Satisfaction" is not only the motto of our services which remains only in the document and in our manuals but we infact, in real, remain and existing as a proof for this motto. White House Business solutions P Ltd, is a pioneer in custom e-learning development and is the most sought company for e-learning and moodle customization solutions.
Reaching beyond the boundaries
We had went for a functional visit to our customer in North India, a reputed organization comes under the Ministry of Urban Affairs in New Delhi recently. After the moodle administrator and course administrator training, casual chat took place about our services offered. When we told that we have been in this field from 1998, the clients wondered and told that even that year no one knows e-learning in India and it not even introduced to India. We told them confidentally that we are pioneers in e-learning in India and mainly focussed on international market at the beginning stage. The reason we are sharing this is, some companies in their portfolio and in about us pages will say that they are the real pioneer in e-learning. But true to our experience, it is White House Business Solutions P Ltd, which started worked in CBT training courseware built up gradually into delivering cutting edge e-learning technology solutions worldwide.
Ocular menus in moodle customization UI
Customizing moodle as per the client requirements is very tough and tedious job. Because the solution provider has to meet the expectation fo the client what they imagines and what they want exactly. Due to the internet exposure and more sample availability, the clients are expecting, even if not possible, all requirements of them should be done right away in the user interface during moodle customization. And as the solution provider we are getting business, and customer satisfaction is our top most priority. One such requirment was getting ocular design menu in the UI of moodle. Having different experts team in designing and scripting side, we overwhelmed the client with more than what they expected. Guess what? They fully utilized our potential in getting the best from that UI design. We achieved it with the use of various teams, and the customer was happy with their dream came true. We undertake creative UI designs along with the moodle customization as we are experienced in this domain for 8+ years.
From branding to hosting and supporting

Once you choose White House Business Solutions P Ltd, as your solution provider for moodle customization, there is no looking back and there is no need to look for specialization companies for further works. We at White House Business Solutions P Ltd, have design experts, who are experienced in branding and any other works related to the moodle customization will be taken care by the respective domain experts. After completing the task, we help you in hosting by giving you appropriate server requirements and cloud services. Our role not only ends there, but we will support you throughout the implementation of the project 24 x 7. Your queries any or clarifications will be cleared out in short turn around time.

From Globalisation to Localisation

There are lot of enquiries nowadays about providing moodle in local languages like hindi, oriya, tamil etc., This isnt a major problem with moodle as these features are available in ready manner. But the clients are wanted to convert their learning material like assessments, content, reading materials into their regional languages. WHBS has a group of SME who are linguistic experts in regional languages including arabic and with less turn around time we will provide you the best services which was ever offered to you.

Why we consider we are strong in moodle?

The reason is simple yet trustable. We almost grew up with moodle as it evolved into various versions. We did almost few projects in each version of the moodle. So we know the technical feasibilities and what can be incorporated during moodle customization. This sound knowledge along with other technical experise in programming like PHP, makes us worth to consider White House Business Solutions P Ltd for any moodle customization. Our experience in moodle started in the year 2008 and till continuing in 2017 catering for various sectors including educational institutions, training institutions and corporate companies.

Moodle plugin development services

Some of the functions which client requests during moodle customization can be done easily by developing plugins. We have a team of PHP programmers who can develop the plugins in short time based on the requirements as they have already trained in various such projects. Development of plugins and its usage during the customization requirements considerably reduce the project development life cycle which in turn helps to see the product/services of the clients to come online sooner than the stipulated time.

Our clients in Moodle customization
The world bank group
TVS electronics, Chennai, India
TVS credit services ltd, Chennai, India
SPMM course, UK
Digiscape gallery, Chennai, India
OLAM, Chennai, India
NIMI, Chennai, India
NIDM, New Delhi, India
NIUA, New Delhi, India
YASHADA, Pune, India
TAFE, Chennai, India
Hacettepe university, Turkey