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Provided an opportunity we would like to propose the following steps on how Moodle can help service your learning management, delivery, assessment and support requirements, including:

Researching and defining your Moodle strategy
Setting up the project management structure
Defining technical, design and pedagogical specifications
Installing Moodle and associated software
Back-end integration (with databases, HR systems etc)
Designing and developing of the content
Testing and integrating the content
Marketing the implementation internally
Training the trainers
Supporting the supporters
Training the participants
Ongoing technical, design and pedagogical support

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Key benefits:

By availing our customized services in Moodle, you will receive the following key benefits:

•  Cost effective as based on licence-free Moodle LMS
•  Web portal design enables you to fully customize design, navigation and branding
•  Scalable and reliable (Open University have over 600,000 users on their Moodle)
•  Support for all types of learning assets and blended learning programmes
•  Rich functionality including blogs, wikis, forums, polls, quizzes and chat rooms
•  High level security and a dedicated Moodle security team
•  Support for over 70 languages
•  Ease of deployment of learning across widely dispersed learners
•  Straight forward management of learners, groups, teams and departments
•  Manage, assess and report on compliance requirements
•  Proven integration with existing HR systems such as Oracle HR
•  Support for third-party content

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Started in 1999, and located at the heart of the city, WHBS has its own infrastructure, with an employee base of 150+. Our reputed clientele list will show how far we've been soughted, trusted and delivered for various sectors in various domains. Extending support to the domain experts by partnering with them, we proposed successful business models to establish their products worldwide and to create their brand identity. With new tools, standards, compliances cropping up day by day due to technological advancements, WHBS offers one stop solution for all your needs in elearning industry.