Custom Content Development

Providing solutions for 3 Ministry of Educations – Malaysia, Singapore, Negara Brunei Darussalam, our experience in custom content development is unparalleled. Our customers spread across globally, for whom we developed multi-lingual eLearning course. We did custom content development in Indian regional languages also. And to establish our credentials further, our custom content development life cycle is handled by different expertise teams such as instructional designers, content developers, subject matter experts, graphic designers, key frame animators and quality checkers. Till date, we consider our strength as “Customer referrals” – getting a new customer through our existing customers while we doing their project. The Manthra “Customer satisfaction” is echoed in these kind of customer referrals. We use legacy content development method using powerpoint slides to the latest industry defining content authoring tools to build custom eLearning content. What distinguishes us from the rest of eLearning industry players are:

  • Working experience with global players
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible development
  • Continuous support
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Ability to scale up resources at anytime
  • Extensions and Integrations
  • Own infrastructure

Sales & Marketing

In this competitive world for the organizations to thrive in the industry and to see tomorrow, sales and marketing are the front end campaigners. In general perception, most people assumes that sales and marketing are of same meaning, and to show how they differ from each other, it is better to train the freshers/trainees/incumbents before they are assigned to their field works. Learning from graduations is entirely different from learning from experience. Imparting knowledge through small chunks of learning/training materials will yield good results than traditional face-to-face training, since online training materials has the advantage of taking the course from anywhere, any time and through any device. As White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, started its services as a training centre in its early stages and transformed into an leading eLearning solution provider, we know the importance of training materials, its preparation, design methodology and its delivery, better than any other solution providers in the current market.

Customer Service & Support

Globalization opened the floodgates of many multinational companies to provide their services in their preferred nations. As more and more products and services got launched, the need and demand for their customer service and support also grown manifold. Almost all companies will have their motto based on customer satisfaction, so while interacting with a customer there should be some methodological approach in dealing with their grievances. As a matter of fact, today more companies outsource their customer service and support divisions. Hence there are lot of BPOs which carry out these type of works. Obviously when we have to go for mass recruitment for this services, it is not feasible to plan, schedule and implement the face-to-face training sessions. Thus we help companies to develop eLearning training materials and to deploy it for online training.

Technical Concepts & Systems

In the field of engineering many technical concepts exists which are complex to teach without proper guidance. Guidance in this sense, means a tool which helps to simplify the learning, impart the knowledge and frequently checks the knowledge retention. It is not always a rule that we must use 3D diagrams and models to explain the engineering concepts which makes the eLearning production cost considerably higher. Also not all Youtube type videos are good enough to be considered as effective teaching/training material. The number of hits a training video can be indirectly interpreted as a learner struggling to understand the video by visiting multiple times, forget about how many times the learner used the play/pause/reload options. Know yourself, play with the parameters, explore further are some of the strategies we apply in developing eLearning courses for technical concepts and systems. We share a screenshot of hydraulic system developed for one of our customer for your view.

Products & Devices

The world is getting flooded with new products and devices in an alarming manner. Not everyone knows how to handle those without a help of user manual. But the days of giving printed user manuals has been replaced by CD a decade back. Still some products and devices requires learning assistance in their day to day usage. It needs to be ensured that the handler should know all features of the product/device before and while using it in real time without any wrong steps which might affect business revenues. For example a retail POS machine requires a minimum amount of training before it was used in the billing section. White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, can prepare the training module on how to use the retail POS machine in the billing section like how to enter/edit the prices in the master and how it has to be operated in the billing end. It also provides training modules in different perspectives like administrator training module and user training module.

Quality Systems & Processes

There is no one area in the product development sector which can by pass quality systems and processes as the competition is getting tougher in the consumer market to delivery high quality products. Use of different types of quality control processes exists in manufacturing industries. Apart from the ISO standards, Six sigma uses 5 key principles to ensure products meet customers’ needs with zero defects. Quality managers use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to identify and solve problems by tracking production metrics through monitoring and controls the quality. As part of their training programs, many corporates provides training with eLearning materials for their employees to increase their skill set which have direct impact on their production efficiency. New users can be easily trained with eLearning modules to familiarise with the software applications related to the quality control processes. White House Business Solutions has an experience in developing eLearning courses in quality systems and processes for some of the major industrial players.

Compliance & Regulations

It definitely needs a specific skill set also it needs keen details and awareness of general knowledge to keep updated with the day-to-day happenings. Also it is the employer responsibility to expose their employees to such informations. Consider a decision making authority in central bank which plays important role in contributing to the company. The authority should know the latest regulations which are sanctioned against illegal funds or transactions. Consider another scenario where a employee should know about the regulation of the company and the rules needs to be complied within the company work environment, which in other perspective, called as a code of conduct for the employee. White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, has experience in delivering eLearning courses about Anti money laundering, Code of conduct and Compliance to an international reputed bank in Saudi Arabia, through its partner. We devise unique pedagogy in developing compliance and regulations related eLearning courses.

Health & Safety

Training in health and safety is important for factory workers working in risk sensitive and accident prone areas. It’s not that only factories or industries need the health & safety measures. There are several methods in personal life and in professional life to keep our body health and clean and also to protect our body from getting infected or to avoid the meaningless accidents. A simple hand wash to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays important role to keep us hygienic and safety from our polluted surroundings. Asepsis is the state of being free from disease-causing micro-organisms. This term in medical field often refers to those practices used to promote or induce Asepsis in an operative field of surgery or medicine to prevent infection.This can be done as an eLearning module to educate and train the professionals.

IT Systems & Applications

Each and every passing year, Information Technology field is not the same as it was in the last year at this time. As a matter of fact, the world’s first 3 richest people are from technology field. Data analytics, Cloud computing, FOSS, SEO, Big data, and other new programming languages are ruling the IT field. White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, has vast experience in developing more than 200+ software training packages as Interactive Learning Materials (ILTs) in the early 2000s itself. We use latest authoring tools to produce IT related software training materials for faster turn around time and also to be cost effective. Not only in the software applications side but also in the hardware and networking side, we have the capability to develop eLearning courses which are on par with the latest industry standards. We delivered 3 eLearning courses Co location services, Managed hosting services and Synchronized Digital Hierarchy Network (SDHN) to Saudi Telecommunications (STC) through our partner.

LMS solutions

Soft Skills & Leadership

In any industry where you are getting employed or already an employee, soft skills plays an important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in your appraisal and also it earns high reputation in work environment. Most companies with diverse portfolios and different department will struggle to identify and train their employee to boost their productivity. Each aspect of soft skills be it leadership, communication, teamwork etc., are important to build personal and organizational skills. For example, If you are a project coordinator or a project manager in an organization, you need to follow some etiquettes in sending email to the clients. White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd has done many soft skill eLearning courses including for State Bank Staff College, Hyderabad, India and for international clients like Asia e-university, Malaysia.