IoT Solutions


If there is a developed or developing industry in this rapid digitized world, definitely its endeavor must be the knowledge towards technology and automation. The concept of automation is not an easy task in any industry especially in a manufacturing industry. But, the WHBS made it possible with IoT approach.

What is IoT?

Kevin Ashton is an innovator and consumer sensor expert who coined the phrase “the Internet of Things” to describe the network connecting objects in the physical world to the Internet. (Source:

IoT is an ecosystem with connected physical things embedded with electronics that are accessible through the internet. This in result enables exchange of data between different devices and serve as a platform for the integration of physical objects into computer based systems.

Why to Choose IoT Solutions?


It gives digitalized tag to an industry


It produces accurate data


It reduces man-power


It doesn’t require desktop system


It doesn’t constrain place


It doesn’t need time to enter data manually

IoT Solutions in Varied Industries

IoT solutions caters to different industries ranging from vehicle tracking to manufacturing. A few of the industry implementations:

In manufacturing industry, IoT solutions increase quickness and flexibility in the process. IoT solutions secure data through smart sensors and control system. IoT enhances equip management and network control system in manufacturing units.

IoT facilitates remote monitoring of healthcare ambience, staff and patients. It gives reliable tacking and updates on resources and inventory. It reduces cost of back-office operations.

It improves driving and traffic conditions by diagnosing traffic situations and driving behavior in real-time in a smart way. In the field of aviation, IoT improves flight planning and changes. As well as in railways, it reduces maintenance cost by diagnosing real time data.


The Role of IoT in White House

Gannet is playing a vital role in our parent company White House industry which is a leading garment manufacturer and exporter for the past 15 years. Gannet has created through the concept of IoT which collects and generates data precisely. And it integrates real time data with automation software using Machine-to-Machine technology. The most predominant use of this Gannet is to avoid chaotic situations in the industry. Gannet records the details of production, gives smart alert to the respective persons and also scans quality control activities.

Technologies Used for IoT Solutions