What is MOOC?

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a free web-based distance learning program that is designed for the participation of large numbers of geographically dispersed students.

About Coursera

Coursera is one of the MOOC platform to develop online courses. Every course on Coursera is taught by top instructors from the world’s best universities and educational institutions. Courses include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. When you complete a course, you’ll receive a shareable electronic Course Certificate.

What WHBS can offer you in Coursera courses?

From 2014, we have been the vendor to develop online courses for the World Bank Group (https://www.coursera.org/worldbank). We have successfully developed 16 online courses totally so far in various topics and in 3 different languages including English, Spanish and French.

With the experience and pioneer in developing courses for Coursera, WHBS offers the following services:









Many top universitites has been partnering with Coursera. (Refer https://www.coursera.org). With every passing day, as the education field is become competitive and embracing innovative methods for the benefit of the learners, we provide consultation to the universities and colleges who are willing to develop courses in Coursera platform. As we know the intricacies well and has been experienced in communication with the Coursera support team, we guide to provide best online courses for your institution. If your institution has high ambitions to play a role from regional institution to a global institution please contact us immediately and become a first ever institution to launch courses in Coursera from your region.

If you are an educationist/academic person trying to establish yourself with an identity and brand value, we guide you to develop courses in coursera. Depends on your approach, you can also collaborate with like-minded people to form a group to jointly develop coursera courses. We provide you orientation about how the coursera courses works and its reach in due process to help you for a successful launch in the world of MOOCs. If you search for an opportunity to go global with your special expertise in any specific domain, do contact us without any second thought and we will provide you a road map for your international success.

We have an abundant experience in Coursera course development as we had developed about 16 courses for the World Bank Group in 3 languages English, Spanish and French. Hence as you know, experience comes handy for cost-effective and speeder completion of course development, when you spot us for the course development in Coursera. Also knowing the limitations, advantages, features and other development related points, we channelize you from the beginning of the course development. When you show interest to pick us for your course development, we give a simple orientation on how to design a course with a successful pedagogy and it will make you to prepare the course materials towards the defined objectives, without wasting your knowledge and resources. We are capable to develop Coursera courses in multi-languages and no matter if you have your course material in one language, we do translate into your required language and develop it.

Creating awareness about a product and realising the potential of its features is important before any successful product launch. We train you in a methodological way from the moment you embrace our services for the course development in Coursera. We provide face-to-face training, Online training or whichever the means you are convenient irrespective of your global presence. Our training consists of four phases:

Phase I: To give awareness about how Coursera works and why you are there
Phase II: To prepare you for the Coursera course material development
Phase III: To educate you about the Coursera features
Phase IV: To train you in learner interactions during course running

We also provide a brief presentations of all the phases along with our training.

Support is the key success in our services be it eLearning development or open source customization. During course running period, we will be in standby with you to support you on how to prepare for the consecutive weeks and will guide you to handle the learner questions, technical/content glitches if any 24 x 7, for the full course running period, say 4 weeks or 5 weeks. We also capable of providing support to more than 5 courses at a time during course launch. It will be like a feel in home when you are with us, as we are not novice in Coursera course development and support. So board WHBS cruiseliner and start your travel in Coursera ocean.