Content Transformation

With the advancement in the learning modes culminating in the handheld devices, almost all corporates prefer the BYOD strategy for their users. With this, the traditional eLearning which was viewed in desktop and recently in handheld devices also gets transformed to many names like bite sized learning, capsule learning, nuggets etc., White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, helps the customers to transform their content based on their current needs.

Conversion of Powerpoint to Rich Interactive eLearning Courses

Still lot of training classes run powerpoint slides for their audience. We help those powerpoint slides which can be in black & white form, poor asset presentations, non-standardised slides, ā€œnā€ number of slide counts into a concised, navigation friendly, rich media eLearning materials. Our USP is being a long time solution provider equipped with appropriate technology, we can carry out the works in more cost effective way and in short turn around time. Till now in most places, especially in western countries, powerpoint is the basic form of producing eLearning materials. And with the inspiration of powerpoint, it is no longer secret that the Articulate Storyline rules the eLearning market with considerable share. In this case of conversion of powerpoint to rich interactive learning courses, others approach will be just using a tool which is available in the market readily. But our team look into the courses in both graphical point of view and in pedagogical point of view while converting to rich interactive eLearning courses. From this, our customers get an added advantage of knowledge sharing with us to produce an effective eLearning course out of powerpoint slides.

Conversion of Legacy to Responsive Courses

Legacy courses were mostly developed in adobe flash platform. It was a major drawback to adobe flash when ios not supported its format. Since then, once a dominant player in making animations, advertisement banners adobe flash lost its sheen gradually and the introduction of HTML5 its use in eLearning slowly diminished. Most of the customers targeting young audiences with smart gadgets looks to delivery eLearning courses in a device friendly manner. White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, pitch in to take care of those customers who were stuck in the dilemma of converting their legacy courses into responsive courses. Being a pioneer in adobe flash development courses since its introduction, we know how much it takes for the conversion. With all your features in the legacy courses kept intact, we offer our valuable solutions and services to convert the legacy courses into device friendly one. We convert all kind of legacy courses like traditional computer based courses, web based courses, traditional newsletters, websites etc., into responsive courses.