Microlearning solutions with assured learning outcomes for corporate training needs

Delivering precise, targeted, and engaging information in the form of a microlearning solution to streamline the learning objectives for improving employee performance at reduced training costs

Microlearning, so-called the short burst of information, has several benefits to the learners as well as the organization. Unlike traditional training content, the microlearning development process is more simple, quick to deploy, and easy to update.

Reason to choose White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd for your microlearning requirements

As a leading e-learning solutions provider, we provide a complete range of learning solutions to corporate, educational institutes, and non-profits across the globe. Our professional team delivers an intuitive and innovative microlearning solution that solves your learning challenges.

White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd has been at the front of the pack, delivering microlearning solutions in line with industrial trends that ensure learner-centric experience while keeping the modern workforce’s requirement at its priority.

Becoming a partner with us for creating a microlearning course can assist your organization in achieving,

knowledge retention

Performance amplification

Measurable results

Stronger engagement

Improved ROI

Reduced training costs

Microlearning for the personalized and adaptive learning experience

Deploying microlearning courses allows learners to retain core skills and competencies thereby, improve training productivity with ROI. With flexible integration and delivery options, we can build microlearning solutions that help learners in manifolds. Microlearning solutions allow your organization to deploy and update the content on the go.

Microlearning solutions offered with us
  • Scenario-based learning
  • Game-based learning
  • Video-based learning
  • Multi-lingual learning
  • Job aids
  • Social learning
  • Mobile learning
Interactive and engaging elements/methods assured with our microlearning solutions

At White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, we help improve learners knowledge retention with the incorporation of

Knowledge checks




Motion graphics

Complex branching scenarios

Screen readers

Closed captions


Multi-device support

How you can achieve your business goals with our microlearning solutions
  • Based on your business goals, we prepare the short, precise, and targeted microlearning content.
  • Having expertise with learning tools and technologies, we build the microlearning solution with highly interactive and engaging elements.
  • The relevant training content allows your employees to understand and retain the knowledge with ease.
  • In turn, allowing the employees to apply the attained knowledge on their assigned task improves the training and business outcomes.
  • On-time completion of short-term goals allows the organization to achieve its long-term goals, preferably in a short time.
Microlearning solution formats offered based on our clientele requirement:

Microlearning comes in a wide range of formats, and one must choose the appropriate model to deliver their learning material for better training outcomes. Here at White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, we assist our clients in selecting the perfect model for exceptional results.

Easy to deploy, quick to update.
Specific to learning needs.
Quick to fill the knowledge gaps.
On-the-go training with mobile-friendly solutions.
Accommodate busier schedules.
Spaced repetition for mastering complex concepts.
Leverage microlearning to convey critical knowledge
and attain on-time performance support

Being a well-sought eLearning development company in Chennai, India, we deliver microlearning solutions that adhere to your overall learning initiatives. Our diverse team of experts listens to understand your learning challenges and creates the short burst of information as an interactive and flexible course option that is specific to address their challenges.

Tell us your microlearning needs!

With so many microlearning methods, choosing innovative, creative, and yet relevant learning solutions for your employees has never been an easier task. At White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, we have domain expertise and have hands-on experience on the latest training tools needed to build the microlearning solutions customized for your every corporate training requirement.

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