Traditionally, Learning Management System (LMS) was used for schools and then eLearning purpose. It was used in universities and colleges to give homework assignments for the students.


Contemporary training must be trouble-free, digitized and handy. Hence, LMS is playing vital role in corporate industries. Enormously, corporate companies are using LMS for their internal employees, clients and other business purposes. Basically, the impact of audio-visual is higher than writing, reading and listening (without any visuals). We can incorporate documents in LMS and mainly it engages students or employees. Learning management system is web based learning so that anyone can easily access learning through LMS. LMS also has the facility of assessment and testing. Students can check their understanding after completing the course in LMS.


Learning Management System is widely using in the places of software industries, medical institutions, eLearning departments and marketing and advertising services. The demand for eLearning is increasing by day-to-day and correspondingly the demand for LMS also is increasing. The target of corporate offices are training employees and recording their rules and regulations.

Learning Management System keeps learners up-to-date. Every learner can get equal source of teaching. LMS tracks learners’ progress and reports that to facilitator. It is easy to combine text, audio and visuals in the LMS. Through gamification, LMS can engage the learners.

LMS Role in White House Business Solutions

White House Business Solutions develop courses and upload in LMS as per the clients’ requirements. WHBS stands on a rule; should not disappoint customer needs. WHBS gives important to customers’ ideas and respect their thoughts.

When an employee is entering an organization, definitely he/she should need some training before going to start any work or production. Training can be related to language improvement, software development, production related, work enhancement and whatever it may be, a corporate training should be digital. The training shouldn’t be drowsy and it should be interactive at the same time informative. This type of LMS satisfies management and improves employees’ efficiency. WHBS is here to satisfy any management and give hands for employees to improve their efficiency.