Mobile Nuggets

What are Mobile Nuggets?

  • Primarily delivered through mobile.
  • Will be in the line of formats like email, chat, shorter messages.
  • There will be no hyperlinks, attachments, animations and voice over.
  • Learning duration of one mobile nugget is minimum 100 seconds.
  • Long information’s – concisely delivered.

Why Mobile Nuggets?

  • It can be reusable in eLearning lessons from larger point of perspective.
  • Optimum use of attention span for quick learning.
  • Useful for right in time, right in place learning.
  • Personalized learning space through your own mobile.
  • As there are no multimedia used, we can focus and grasp at one go.

How Mobile Nuggets are Useful?

  • When managerial people who find hard to keep updates about the organizational events like compliance change, change in rules and regulations, etc., mobile nuggets are powerful tool to refresh them about the required topics in shorter span of time.
  • Updating the knowledge before attending any conference, seminar or meeting on the way without any hassles, even during the travel time, like checking updates in facebook and whatsapp.
  • Keeping in pace with the rapid learning, mobile nuggets are replacing the conventional eLearning lessons, and because of its learning appeal, it is the most favoured and trending concept in eLearning.


  • Quote:
    “If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter.” – Blaise Pascal
    Any eLearning development company can create eLearning content, but only a company with highly specialized in concising the content can develop mobile nuggets. In the development of mobile nuggets, design development plays lesser role than content development. Referring the above quote, the shorter letter is the nugget. But as Pascal mentions, it won’t take much time for WHBS to develop mobile nuggets. Our content experts with their 15+ years’ experience can turn around and deliver the mobile nuggets in shorter turnaround time than other eLearning development companies.