Disadvantage in using authoring tools for html5 conversion

  • You can get what is provided in the authoring tool
  • Sometimes the font might be different when compared to flash publishing
  • Type of interactivity is restricted in authoring tool and you cant get the same kind of interactivity you had done in flash
  • Your cost will add up, considering the license cost the developer will include in their pricing


The above points might be silly in some perspective, but those who know elearning can know the depth of the meaning it reveals.


Though most service providers prefer rapid authoring elearning tools to finish the projects without any need of specialized skill set in working in the authoring tools, we at White House Business Solutions P Ltd, have a team of HTML5 experts to work in native html5 for the development of html5 E-Learning courses.


What more, we do thos e e-Learning courses in the native html platform with the pace and sophistication of the rapid authoring e-learning tools offer.


Think twice, before you turn up for other service providers for html5 E-learning development without considering us.


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