E-Learning module on “Role of CBIC in PM Gati Shakti for Logistics Efficient” developed by WHBS launched today by Hon. Commerce Minister Sh. Piyush Goyal


WHBS worked with NACIN – Faridabad in the development of the E-Learning module on “Role of CBIC in PM Gati Shakti for Logistics Efficient”. This development was completed in a record time of 2 weeks and the course was launched… Continue Reading

Blending synchronous VILT

 Blending synchronous VILT with Asynchronous training maximizes the training output 1.  Appealing learning styles Incorporating asynchronous learning activities in the form of video aids like diagrams, charts, video lectures, or presentations that illustrate prime objectives helps emphasize the key concepts… Continue Reading

Synchronous E-Learning: Best Practices for Trainers and Learners


The prime benefit of synchronous learning is utilizing the benefits of technologies and also incorporating the features of the traditional classroom in the form of immediate feedback and live follow-up of the learners’ and trainers’ reactions/emotions. In this article, we… Continue Reading

Tips for Successful Virtual Training


1. Pre-session activities  Try to create a buzz about the event even before the session with welcome emails, instruction pamphlets, and an overview of the session in the form of microlearning videos that helps to build interest in the online… Continue Reading

5 Amazing Tips for Successful Virtual Training

In 2023, virtual training has become one of the norms and Is being increasingly used in lieu of traditional training methods. Virtual training carries a range of benefits over its shoulder in the form of time, cost, and resource savings.… Continue Reading

Advantages of Curriculum Courses Through Standardization

If you are going to develop a number of eLearning courses on the same topic or similar subject, embracing a curriculum-based model is one of the best approaches. What are Curriculum-based courses? Curriculum courses are stand-alone courses, has an individual… Continue Reading

Fostering Corporate Leadership Skills through Online Training

Transform your employees into efficient leaders who can drive the organization toward success with reduced employee turnover. Does this mean, we can get a perfect leader at the end of a few days of leadership workshop/training? Absolutely not. Rather, leadership… Continue Reading

Personalized Learning: 5 Ways to Engage the Millennial Workforce

When clients prefer an eLearning development partnership with us, we are often questioned about how our learning/training solutions will make a better difference than something that they can buy off the shelf. As the best eLearning service provider with more… Continue Reading

10 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Mobile Learning in Your Organization

Mobile learning is considered as a turn-key solution for the training requirements of every organization. Wondering why, since mobile has disrupted desktop usage among employees as well as employers. Making use of the same device that is cherished among the… Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of Open Source LMS

In the training industry, it is a crucial task to search and opt for the perfect Learning Management System to assist the training provision process. Coming to the terms of LMS, there are two types of LMS available in the… Continue Reading