The Top 5 Common Pitfalls of VILT and How to Avoid Them

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) is a method of a synchronous training session conducted in a virtual setting in a learning platform. And Virtual training has a number of advantages, including cost-effective, remote learning options, and convenience. Although, the VILT users/learners… Continue Reading

ilearnbay – Corporate LMS Solution

As a training company or an educational sector, one of their primary goals is to extend and scale the existing business network to the next level. This requires them to deliver their existing services and products to multiple clients on the go without much hustle. These demands drive them to look for a solution that could scale on the side with their business. SaaS LMS becomes the perfect match for meeting their demands with extra satisfaction and better ROI which makes it trending. Scalable infrastructure Subscription-based payment Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Automatic updates Hassle-free maintenance Multi-tenancy Request a demo! Future-proof your training initiatives with ilearnbay, the SaaS-based corporate LMS.  From diverse roles to distinct organizational structures and limited resources, our ilearnbay, the best LMS software can facilitate addressing your unique learning/training requirements in the most efficient way possible. Train and get trained on a single platform with Ilearnbay having cutting-edge features for an exceptional learning experience. Scalable infrastructure Third-party integrations Layout to functionality customization Security and Compliance Real-time collaboration tools Faster deployment In-depth reports and analytics For more details :  Tel : 07010037016 Email :

How to Take the Stress Out of Transitioning from Classroom to Online Training?

Moving from classroom to virtual training is one of the biggest challenges faced by most of the company’s L&D team. With the advent of Covid-19, online learning has cemented a crucial impact in training sessions as classroom-based training became no… Continue Reading