Blending synchronous VILT

 Blending synchronous VILT with Asynchronous training maximizes the training output

1.  Appealing learning styles

Incorporating asynchronous learning activities in the form of video aids like diagrams, charts, video lectures, or presentations that illustrate prime objectives helps emphasize the key concepts and also accounts to reduce the cognitive overload for learners.

2.  Social learning

Once the synchronous learning session is over, the learners can utilize the social learning feature of LMS to set up a discussion board to clear any queries, ask any doubts and share any resources that encourage collaboration and a more engaging learning environment.

3.  Microlearning 

A good way to beat the effects of forgetting the curve is integrating microlearning in your learning strategy in the form of Digital flashcards, Whiteboard animations, Infographics, Dialogue simulations, and more that could help to recall the key takeaways of any eLearning courses.

4.  Mobile learning

Facilitates just-in-time performance support by means of job aids, FAQs, chat apps, simple tutorials, and demos. It allows them to deliver critical information at any time, which enables them to perm better with reduced errors.

5.  Session recordings

Increased revision for the maximized impact. Providing the VILT/Classroom sessions in the form of recorded files and simulation can help the learners to repeat and practice the on-demand activity as many times as possible.

6. Learning Path

Master the behavioral skills with ease by customizing the learning path based on individuals’ proficiency in a specific area. Allows to practice the skill demands in the form of scenarios, quizzes, and games as per the employees’ designation can add value to their job role to a great extent.

7.  Learning Analytics

Gauging your learners’ understanding is made easy with learning analytics features. Getting to access the learners’ data on course completion, and assessment results, allows the trainers to identify areas that need improvement.

Choosing the appropriate training delivery model and modalities will eliminate the monotony and help engage and motivate learners. Whether you need to implement the blended learning strategy in your LMS, want to revamp the existing learning strategy, or want other elearning solutions, contact White House Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the best eLearning service provider in Chennai, India.

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