Synchronous E-Learning: Best Practices for Trainers and Learners

The prime benefit of synchronous learning is utilizing the benefits of technologies and also incorporating the features of the traditional classroom in the form of immediate feedback and live follow-up of the learners’ and trainers’ reactions/emotions.

In this article, we will discuss some of the necessary ideas for trainers as well as learners that could develop and transform their synchronous training into an informative and engaging session.


Best Practices for Trainers

1. Keep learners informed

Assigning learners simple passages to read, infographics to refer to, or the session outline or a survey work on the topic to be covered can help the learners be aware of the upcoming training session’s importance.

2. Keep learners active

Offer all your participant an equal opportunity to get involved. Practice asking questions, opinions, and feedback in between sessions.

3. Keep learners motivated

Make opportunities for the learners to interact with each other by creating small discussion groups, breakout rooms, and peer-taught class segments that can promote knowledge transfer and collaborative learning sessions.

4. Keep learners engaged

Holding polls, gamified puzzles, and scenario-based videos/audio offers to reduce the cognitive workload and encourage the learners to get engaged throughout the training session.

5. Keep learners away from any technical glitches

Don’t get yourself caught off guard by any last-minute tech issues. Make sure to have a seamless internet connection to avoid any connectivity concerns.

Best Practices for Learners

1. Learn the objective

Always go through the provided introductory learning materials to get a grip on the training objective and the time required to prepare yourself ahead of the training sessions.

2. Learn the technologies

Understanding and practicing the basic technicalities of the Video conferencing tools like instant chat and navigation buttons can help you reduce any anxiety and feel at ease throughout the learning session.

3. Learn to participate

Participating in the sessions in the form of providing feedback, giving poll answers, raising queries, providing suggestions, and finishing the assigned task can be beneficial and account for career growth.

4. Learn to be active

More participation leads to better retention of acquired knowledge resulting in improved workplace performance output.

5. Learn to give feedback

Make sure to provide your honest review of the training session with a chat with the trainer that help them to work on their current shortcomings and provide their best in the upcoming sessions.

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