How to make the self-paced learning interesting?

Identify and define the achievable target:  Analyzing the business needs and the learners’ knowledge. *  Analyze learner requirement *  Fix the enterprise need *  Prepare relevant course Create a compelling course layout: Add relevant information and visuals for minimized distraction.… Continue Reading

How to overcome the limitations of VILT?

For improved interaction, the instructors should include Quizzes, polls, and simple activities Introducing gamification and gamifying elements Discussion forums and social network collaboration For improved understanding, the instructors  Can share screen, documents, external videos, and audios in real-time Utilize whiteboard… Continue Reading

Top 10 tips for the instructors to overcome the limitations of VILT

Living in 2022 and still believing the myth of VILT is not as effective as classroom training? Then read along to break the myth as we shed light on the latest technical improvements of Virtual training platforms that could help instructors… Continue Reading