How to overcome the limitations of VILT?

For improved interaction, the instructors should include

  • Quizzes, polls, and simple activities
  • Introducing gamification and gamifying elements
  • Discussion forums and social network collaboration

For improved understanding, the instructors 

  • Can share screen, documents, external videos, and audios in real-time
  • Utilize whiteboard functionalities like slide annotation, shared notes and breakout rooms
  • Can improve listening comprehension with CC and subtitles

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To track/measure the training output, make use of the learning dashboard for 

  • Recorded poll responses
  • Overall participants’ activity score
  • Participants’ attendance and current statuses

For improved session capacity, the instructors

  • Can record the VILT session and playback it at anytime
  • Can broadcast the VILT session to any of the live streaming sessions
  • Can group the classes in your session to feel more dynamic

For real-time knowledge application in a virtual environment, the instructors can use

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Blended learning

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