Top 10 tips for the instructors to overcome the limitations of VILT

Living in 2022 and still believing the myth of VILT is not as effective as classroom training? Then read along to break the myth as we shed light on the latest technical improvements of Virtual training platforms that could help instructors to overcome the limitations of VILT effectively.

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Initially, spend time to understand the training requirement and the learners’ proficiency in the particular subject.

  • Learners proficiency
  • Business goal
  • Industrial standard

Based on that, the SMEs, along with instructional designers, should prepare training/learning content that should engage the learners in the best way possible, like

  • Utilizing less content per slide
  • Incorporating multimedia elements like audio, video, animations, images, and info-graphics
  • Utilizing blended and micro-learning modules to avoid cognitive overload

Essentially, choose a VILT platform that perfectly syncs with your training/learning requirement and content.

To minimize distraction, the VILT platforms allow

  • The instructors to check their and the participants’ network connectivity log
  • To maximize the viewing area with webcam repositioning feature
  • To choose the webcam background for a distraction-less session

For improved usability, the VILT platforms have


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