10 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Mobile Learning in Your Organization

Mobile learning is considered as a turn-key solution for the training requirements of every organization. Wondering why, since mobile has disrupted desktop usage among employees as well as employers. Making use of the same device that is cherished among the learners to deliver the training material comes with some exceptional benefits.

From accessibility, convenience, flexibility, engagement, and retention to cost efficiency, mobile learning has numerous benefits. In this article, we will discuss 10 inexpensive ways for incorporating Mobile Learning within the existing or upcoming learning strategy of your organization.

1. Blended learning

Incorporating mobile learning elements into the learning strategy help to engage, retain, and recreate the knowledge with much ease. Besides the ready access feature, it notably reduces the training cost.

2. Video-based learning

Video-based mobile learning is one of the powerful training supplements, especially for the remote workforce. L&D prefers it for their millennials, who used to get distracted and bored easily.

3. Microlearning

As microlearning deals with delivering nugget-sized info to learners at regular intervals that improve retention, mobile learning strategies make it possible with improved efficiency.

4. Social learning

Through forums and discussion features, receive instant mentoring, and get to know about the best practices and expertise of a specific topic from peers or seniors with social/collaborative learning.

5. Game-based learning

The highly immersive and engaging learning strategy involved with game-based learning allows learners to grasp even complex concepts with ease.

6. Personalized learning

Integrating LMS along with mobile learning  can help to create and deliver personalized courses, assessments, and notifications for learners uniquely based on their experience and expertise.

7. Location-based learning

Making use of the mobile’s GPS, to deliver personalized location-based information. Emerging from the Geofencing concept, It helps learners to be aware of the situation more precisely.

8. Offline learning

Even without being connected to the network, offline learning enables your learners to access and complete their favorite and critical courses at their preferable time.

9. Just-in-time (JIT) learning

JIT learning allows learners to access the on-demand, crucial information in the form of job aids and performance support materials, ensuring convenience in their workplace.

10. Reinforced learning

Mobile learning plays a prime role in making the learner remember and retain the crucial learning objectives through short refresher courses and assessments.

Looking for ways to well-train your workforce to reap the best in your business outcomes? Then it is wiser to incorporate mobile learning as a part of your training strategies. In case, if you are not ready to opt for a separate mobile learning app, it is wiser to look for an LMS that could offer both desktop and mobile compatibility.

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