E-Learning module on “Role of CBIC in PM Gati Shakti for Logistics Efficient” developed by WHBS launched today by Hon. Commerce Minister Sh. Piyush Goyal


WHBS worked with NACIN – Faridabad in the development of the E-Learning module on “Role of CBIC in PM Gati Shakti for Logistics Efficient”. This development was completed in a record time of 2 weeks and the course was launched… Continue Reading

Software That Transform Business

The Process and unit of business change has become more difficulty than ever. It’s no surprise, then, that widely the corporate/software changes the works still easily. The key to successful software management is confirm that transformation is hard to submit… Continue Reading

Transport Management System – Track Your Vehicle

Track Your Vehicle Real Time: Application Areas: * Fleet Management * Taxi dispatch System * School Bus Management * Logistics * Public Transport System * Emergency Vehicles and Security Vehicles * Offices * Shopping Mall * Delivery & Cargo Services… Continue Reading

All that glitters are not gold

Recently when we went to an e-learning content development renewal agreement, we retained by a premier institution as one of their preferred vendor. The highlight is they also said the so called giants in the industry which are having well… Continue Reading

Web based Transport Management System

Transoncloud (TMS) a comprehensive Transport Solution is a great option for Companies, Fleet carriers Organizers, Logistic consulting firms. Our transoncloud (TMS) technology designed by transport experts like you and our professionals. Transport Management System is an end to end solution… Continue Reading

Web based Vehicle Tracking System

GPS – Global positioning system is a technology to find out exactly where something is. It can be fixed in a vehicle to provide information on exact location to monitor the route and progress of a delivery truck. The information/data… Continue Reading

All – Encompassing Fleet Management Solutions

What client wants from a fleet management system? Maximum efficiency, reduced costs, and customer satisfaction – these are the basic competencies required by any logistics company to succeed in today competitive business environment. Instant access to information regarding shipment status,costs… Continue Reading