Advantages of Curriculum Courses Through Standardization

If you are going to develop a number of eLearning courses on the same topic or similar subject, embracing a curriculum-based model is one of the best approaches.

What are Curriculum-based courses?

Curriculum courses are stand-alone courses, has an individual module that explains 2 to 3 learning objectives, and ends with a final quiz.

What is Standardization?

As curriculum courses have a similar pattern of a welcome screen, followed by learning objectives, content screens, and final quizzes, standardizing the commonly used elements offers various benefits to the developers/learners.

Benefits of standardizing the curriculum-based courses:

Retain and recollect the information faster

Standardized layouts, fonts, colors, text format, and images/icons can help learners to grasp content faster and retain them for a longer period.

Reduces the cognitive load

Utilizing the standardized content presentation patterns along with its feedback/navigation text, and transition model can help them learn with reduced anxiety and improved confidence.

Reduces the turnover time

Having a library of approved and standardized layouts, color themes, images, icons, quizzes, and text formats offers to reduce the efforts, time, and costs associated with the development of each new screen.

Improves flexibility

As the templates are easy to update, incorporating them provides the developers the flexibility to improve and reuse them as per the learning objectives and instructional needs.

Maintains consistency

Standardizing templates makes it easier for the designer/developers to adhere to the expected quality and ensure consistency throughout e-learning courses.

Reduced reworks

Making use of the pre-configured interactions and templates provides the developers with much more independence, choices, and time to practice the best learning practices.

Interoperability across the devices

Following the industrial e-learning standards like SCORM, AICC, and xAPI in your authoring tool helps to process, exchange, and deliver the learning content seamlessly across various online platforms.

As most of the screens are standardized, it helps the organization with reduced development cost, and roll-out time along with improved ROI. Are you interested to know more about the Standardization process and its benefits with your business training initiatives?

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