Tips for Successful Virtual Training

virtual_training1. Pre-session activities 

Try to create a buzz about the event even before the session with welcome emails, instruction pamphlets, and an overview of the session in the form of microlearning videos that helps to build interest in the online learning session among your learners.

a)  Plan pre-session events
b)  Create event expectation
c)  Set checkpoints

2. Engaging activities

Always combine different training methods and techniques to engage the range of learners from videos, slides, PDFs, and infographics with a dash of industry-leading technologies, like AR and VR methodologies.

a)  Different modes of instruction
b)  Embrace AR/VR
c)  Use Scenarios

3. Ensure interaction

Allow your learners to make use of voice and chat features often to clear any doubts in the session. Involving the LMS for virtual training comes with video conferencing tools that help to keep in touch and analyze the learner in real-time.

a)  Sharing files
b)  Voice and Chat options
c)  Make use of breakout rooms

4. Encourage participation

Engage your learners with polls, quizzes, and breakout rooms, along with white-boarding features that help to keep them involved throughout the session. Also, asking for feedback and analyzing the results assists the instructor to gauge the learners’ understanding of the specific topic.

a)  Ask for feedback
b)  Create a Poll
c)  Use Whiteboards

5. Make use of resources

Always keep in mind active learning is better than passive one. Don’t go more than 10 minutes without interaction. Narrow down the content and present prime ideas in the session. And later, you can send the follow-up materials for reference.

a)  Remember that less is more
b)  Utilize relevant content
c)  Use impactful slides

Consequently, delivering successful virtual training promotes knowledge retention and improved performance output that, in turn, assists the organization in moving one step closer to the expected learning goal.

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