5 Tips to Create Effective Online Compliance Training Courses

Every business must have its own laws and regulations that they must adhere to prevent any legal controversy and penalties. This makes compliance training a critical requirement with an elevated priority for the well-being of any organization.

Although the compliance concepts are notoriously boring, the Learning and Development team has a huge responsibility, to make the session engaging, for their learners to be well aware of the concepts.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 crucial steps for creating an effective Online Compliance Training Course.

1.  Be specific, generalized courses are no more effective

Know your audience, analyze their acquired knowledge and their present job-related skill demands to create the most effective compliance training courses.

2. Include diverse learning styles to beat the monotony

Design and build a compliance training strategy with several types of multimedia and learning elements, like video & audio clips, infographics, PPT, PDF, and more, can keep them on track.

3. Turn those plain yet crucial topics into gamified sessions for knowledge retention

Gamification of the boring concept with rewards and recognition can make the learners absorb the session without any further distractions.

4. Give access on multiple devices to improve engagement

Making the compliance courses compatible with several technologies assures a continued learning experience even for your global workforce.

5. Make use of LMS for more precise tracking and reference

Incorporating compliance courses with an LMS can help the organization keep track of the learners’ progress along with their scores, certifications, and skillset.

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