How to make the self-paced learning interesting?

Identify and define the achievable target:
 Analyzing the business needs and the learners’ knowledge.

*  Analyze learner requirement
*  Fix the enterprise need
*  Prepare relevant course

Create a compelling course layout:
Add relevant information and visuals for minimized distraction.

*  Colors, borders, and font types
*  Bold hues and relevant graphics
*  Choose engaging content motion

Device storytelling strategy with the course:
Involve real-world stories and example scenarios for knowledge retention.

*   Convert main ideas as story plot
*   Not a novel, but a short story
*   Don’t deviate from the core concept

Distraction-free, clear audio narration:
Choose a narrator with dynamic, and vibrant voice for course.

*    Eliminate text-speech redundancy
*    Check for audio-text-image sync
*    High quality gives less distraction

Educate and engage with visuals:
Include Info-graphics, charts, and tables to educate your learners.

*     Keep overall aesthetic in mind
*     Choose relevant graphics
*     Integrate creativity with visuals

Integrate attractive and retaining headlines:
Add attractive headlines and create the curiosity to learn the course.

*     Write on the learner requirement
*     Make use of catchy phrases
*     Prefer active voice in heading

Keep the content short for more engagement:
Consult an SME or content strategist  to create engaging short nuggets.

*     Write effective bite-sized info
*     Prepare a clear and accurate plan
*     Remove irrelevant content

Conserve the attention with gamification:
Use quizzes,  assessments  with drag and drop for critical thinking.

*     Fun, engaging and easy to retain
*     Bring behavioral change
*     Educate the essential concepts

Include branching scenario for an interactive course:
Integrate real-life decision-making and problem-solving concept.

*     Highly interactive and engaging
*     Allows to learn from experience
*     Uplift a sense of responsibility

Embrace simulation-based learning:
Incorporate simulated environment to practice the learned skills.

*      Provide more realistic experiences
*      Better knowledge retention
*      Improve problem-solving skills

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