How to Take the Stress Out of Transitioning from Classroom to Online Training?

Moving from classroom to virtual training is one of the biggest challenges faced by most of the company’s L&D team. With the advent of Covid-19, online learning has cemented a crucial impact in training sessions as classroom-based training became no longer sufficient for modern learners.

In this article, we provide you with the best and proven ideologies that will be needed for a stress-free transition from classroom to online training sessions.


Online training


  1. Select a user-friendly LMS platform : The LMS platform that can effectively fulfill the business needs with the required features and a user-friendly interface at an affordable price range is the basic necessity of any organization that looks forward to transforming their training classroom to online.
  2. Explain the achievable outcomes : A well-prepared course introduction and its learning objectives in the form of pamphlets, animation, or posters can help the learners to get an overview and possible benefits of the upcoming training session.
  3.  Make no room for boredom :  Invest your time and resource with immersive instructional strategies. Including gamification, branching scenarios, and storytelling can help the learners stay active throughout the learning session.
  4. Technology to beat the bottlenecks : From engagement, assessment, and tracking the progress there are features available within the LMS. Knowing and utilizing them to the fullest can help the L&D teams reap the maximum benefits of online training.
  5. Provide the necessary performance assistance : Prior planning of the support in the form of tutorials, simulations, and micro-learning materials and storing them in a persistent virtual database can assist the learners/educators adapt to this unfamiliar digital territory with ease.

As we see, online training is here to stay, and the education industry needs to update themselves to remain and survive in this trend. Although the online transition can cost a lot of time, money, and resources, experienced professionals can help save on expenditures.

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