5 Tips to Engage and Motivate Learners in Virtual Classrooms

Unlike classroom teaching, the virtual classroom comes with its own challenges. It takes a complete set of unique skill sets and a lot of creativity to keep the learners engaged, motivated, and interested in their learning content. But fortunately, there are several virtual tools available with these online learning platforms to entice learners and keep them on their toes.

In this article, we will summarize the highly effective virtual classroom learning strategies that assures improving student productivity and achieving the stipulated learning goal.


Tip 1: More the interaction, better the engagement

Planning fun activities, surveys, and polls help the learners not to get deviated from the outside disturbances. Further utilizing whiteboard functionalities such as screen, video, audio, and note sharing can also create a positive learning impact.

Tip 2: Challenge their potential

Incorporating challenges in the form of gamified learning content boarded with awards, badges, leader-boards, and the completion certificate can encourage the learners to put extra effort into achieving those targets.

Tip 3: Build a perception of community

Assure the required support with the features such as breakout rooms to reduce anxiety, discussion forums for peer-to-peer communication, and a chat box to solve queries anytime throughout the learning process.

Tip 4: Create a sense of responsibility

Establishing an explicit goal for a course along with the project-based learning task assignment, providing consistent feedback, and acknowledgment can help achieve the learners’ responsibility.

Tip 5: Open and accessible features support motivation

The learning continues even after the VILT session. Hence make sure to provide the topic summaries available in the form of animated videos, FAQs, checklists, PDFs, and Infographics to motivate self-learning among the learners.

The overall key to the success of any eLearning course is the engagement activities and motivation factors. Further, the well-structured course content relevant to learning objectives also plays a major role in the learners’ engagement with a particular course. Knowing the tips and factors for a successful VILT session, are you looking for an eLearning service provider who can incorporate the elements into your next eLearning project for maximum turnover?

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