The Top 5 Common Pitfalls of VILT and How to Avoid Them

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) is a method of a synchronous training session conducted in a virtual setting in a learning platform. And Virtual training has a number of advantages, including cost-effective, remote learning options, and convenience. Although, the VILT users/learners experiencing some common pitfalls, these can be eliminated with the appropriate countermeasures.

We will discuss some of the top 5 Common Pitfalls of VILT and ways to eliminate them to achieve the targeted learning outcome.

5 Common Pitfalls of VILT and ways to Avoid Them

1.  Hard to understand non-verbal cues:

The major drawback with VILT sessions is the inability to understand the learner’s and trainer’s non-verbal cues, including eye contact, body language, and facial expressions. Utilizing the advanced VILT features like.

a)  Raise hands and Chat messages
b)  Screen sharing
c)  CC/Subtitles and Notifications
can assist with a better understanding of  non-verbal cues.

2.  Fewer opportunities for real-time application:

Some areas of learning, including medicine, machinery handling, and chemical industries, require the learners to practice what they’ve learned, consequently limiting the ability of VILT learners. On contrary, LMS nowadays have built with cutting-edge technologies like,

a)  AR
b)  VR
c)  Blended learning
Enabling the VILT session to replicate the real-world scenarios through simulations and a virtual learning environment assists to provide the missing hands-on experience for the learners.

3.  Reduced attention spans:

The virtual environment has reduced control over the learners, and the learners also have multiple distractions available like other technologies, pets, children, and more that could negatively impact the training session. By including activities such as

a)  Polls, Games, and quizzes
b)  Multi-media sharing capacity
c)  Webcam repositioning with background adjustment feature
Can help the learners beat the monotony of the session. Thus improving the engagement with participation rate.

4. Lack of communication:

In the case of  teaching a complicated topic like machinery or a subject that needs a lot of team involvement and brainstorming and discussion, a Virtual session may not be the suitable one. But the LMS platform offers features like,

a)  Discussion forums
b)  Social platform incorporation
c)  Breakout rooms
Can help overcome the existing communication difficulties.,

5. Inability to track learner’s progress:

Conducting VILT sessions without gathering the results and outcome can’t help the facilitators to understand the progress of the learners and the impact of the training/learning session. Conducting your VILT session in an LMS that could

a)  Record attendance and participation
b)  Store the polls and quizzes response
c)  Overall activity score with current statuses

Can help the facilitators know the learner’s area of difficulty and their pain points, which help them customize the future VILT session in a more efficient way possible.

The arrival of the pandemic, followed by the post-pandemic era, has forced many corporate and educational institutions to replace brick-and-mortar classes with Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT). As only the learning platform possesses all the bells and whistles that are popular in the market, it will not make it the best choice for your business.

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