ILT and E-learning How Different Are They

Thinking of choosing a perfect training approach for your business? In this article, we will discuss both ILT and e-learning to get a clear insight into how they can effectively serve your business needs.

Initially, What is ILT? 

ILT or Instructor-led training is the traditional classroom type of training that will be handled by an educator in person at a scheduled time and location.

What about e-Learning?

e-Learning is a type of training conducted with digital learning materials and can be accessed through appropriate electronic devices.

Things that set ILT and e-Learning approaches different from each other:

1. Learning pace

ILT drives the entire batch to follow the same curriculum, irrespective of the learner’s proficiency level. On the other hand, e-Learning allows the learners to train at their own pace as per their interest and skill level.

2.  Reinforcement

The cutting-edge technological advancements of e-Learning, such as AR, VR, interactive videos, and gamification, assures to create an immersive learning environment that could effectively overcome the monotonous training delivery format of ILT.

3. Hands-on experience

Each training is different. Training like leadership skills, compliance, and policy updates can be done with e-Learning, but some critical life-saving sector and expensive project needs some real-time experience to deal with upcoming challenges.

4.  Dependency

ILT depends on the instructor, whereas e-Learning depends on the technology. As this is an digital era, technology-based training can create a great impact with a notable benefits. On the down-side ILT can go with or without technology, but e-Learning is nothing without technology which also involves troubleshooting and hardware issues.

5.  Consistency

ILT sessions are influenced by the instructor’s expertise and his/her present mindset. In the case of e-Learning, the presentation and content delivery remains consistent throughout the training session.

6.  Accessibility

Although ILT contributes to social learning and encourages teamwork, it consumes more time. E-Learning, in contrast, can be designed as microlearning modules that allow the learners to access them in their hand-held devices at their preferable time.

7.  Queries and feedback

In ILT, trainers deal individually with the learner’s doubts and queries on the spot. Although e-Learning lags in this area, it has features available for the trainers/learners to achieve synchronous learning experience.

8.  Scalability

As the participants are limited, it is difficult for ILT to scale. On the other hand, e-Learning can be scaled as your business grows with minimal effort. Especially, irrespective of the team size, the training delivery efficiency remains the same across the workforce.

9.  Time consumption

As e-Learning material can be reused with little or no updation it can reduce the production hours to a great extent, whereas ILT consumes a specific time to prepare the training content every time.

10.  Cost of implementation

E-Learning can be done with a desktop/hand-held device at your preferred time. Thus notably reduce training expenses compared to the ILT which includes the infrastructure and educator accommodation cost.

ILT Vs e-Learning:

Both ILT and e-Learning have their own benefits along with their shortcomings. Ultimately, e-Learning has substantial advantages over ILT in terms of flexibility, technological trend, and infrastructure costs. Depending on the demands of your learners and business, the training delivery modalities can vary between ILT and e-Learning. Rather than choosing between ILT and e-Learning, taking advantage of both techniques in the form of Blended learning can help you reap the maximum benefits.

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