How Can L&D Build a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

Before exploring the ways how L&D could build a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), we will understand what is DEI and what it has to do with corporate training procedures followed by DEI incorporation ideas in an organization.

Initially, what is DEI?

Diversity is the existence of people from a range of gender, races, religion, physical abilities, and socioeconomic standards. Whereas, equity is defined as an impartial distribution of resources to people belonging to the various category. Now inclusion is the degree of how far the diverse workforce is being involved in every business development and decision-making process of an organization.

Importance of DEI in L&D:
1. Enforcing community values improve the working environment
2. Higher engagement and increased attraction
3. Hiring diversity, resource retention, and job satisfaction
4. Mitigation of complaints and fewer legal claims
5. Improved brand reputation

How L&D can implement DEI in their training programs?

1. Inclusion of DEI concepts in training programs:
For the maximum impact, DEI concepts must be embedded not only in on-boarding and hiring programs but also in the leadership development, performance reviews, and mentorship training beyond the regular strategies that could address the workforce diversity across the industries.

2. Virtual learning environments:
Design the training content with the best L&D format that equally addresses the DEI issues with the incorporation of a blended/virtual learning environment that includes discussion forums, quizzes, chats, and case studies that can spread DEI awareness across your industry verticals.

3. Introduce microlearning:
Choose microlearning in place of long and multi-hour workshops. Delivering DEI concepts often in the form of a short burst of information can help learners gain improved knowledge retention, engagement, adoption, and behavior change.

4. Remodel the existing learning content:
A deep analysis of the existing learning materials and looking for ways to add DEI ideas can result in DEI-focused effective learning material.
For eg: adding role-based scenarios in soft skill and leadership content can help you eliminate the demand for developing brand new learning material.

5. Consider getting assistance from a DEI consultant:
The professional DEI consultant can design learning solutions that could address a range of content on social, racism, and culture regardless of the targeted learning objective. They are especially talented to determine where and when to include the DEI concept for a workplace transformation.

We have analyzed so far that organization that fails to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in its organization creates an unsuccessful working environment as the workers are treated with unethical and disrespectful behaviors. This makes DEI a necessary rather than a luxury and the best indicator of a healthy workplace which also has the power to impact your organization’s business outcomes.

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