E-learning portal, payment gateway mechanism, conversion of CBTs to WBTs

Once there is a trend in e-learning that the deliverables are in the form of CD/DVD. With most people buying/selling their goods online, and also don’t want to store CD/DVD with their already existing collections, there is a paradigm shift in the deliverable which took a world wide platform called Web Based Technology deliveries.

You need not find the label of CD/DVD to see the content, no need to worry about the scratches or to find the safe place to protect the physical storage devices. With an acumen of foreseeing the future trends and the needs of the e-learning industry, WHBS developed an e-learning portal called KontentBay (http://www.ilearnsmart.com) integrated with payment gateway mechanism to disseminate the digital content of any form.

Additional requirements like converting the existing CBT to WBTs can be done in short time span to meet our clients’ deadline. Banking on 10+ years of experience in e-learning field, we know the nuances of the demands in this field which will yield a good harvest for our customers. It is not a huge surprise and it is a well known fact that based on the quality we deliver, WHBS is most sought destination in providing the e-learning consultations and solutions for both global and local customers….

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