Invitation for expression of interest and proposals for developing MOOCs

With reference to the below advertisement, if any academic(s)/Professionals, associated with universities/educational institutions interested in participating with this EOI, we welcome your queries regarding the MOOCs development. Since 2014, White House Business Solutions has been offering the services of designing and development of MOOCs with The World Bank Group.

In Coursera platform, WHBS designed 5 courses with 12 sessions in 3 different languages. With plenty of experience in MOOC standards, WHBS is eager to collaborate with academics and institutions to transfer their knowledge and technical expertise in design and development of MOOCs.

The proposal date is extended till 15 November 2017. We already received some enquiries due to an interest exists in the academics to excel in their field and to increase their reach in the learning development area.

To get guidance about MOOCs design and development and to use WHBS as technical and knowledge partner, mail to


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