Common mobile learning implementation mistakes

Do you think that mobile learning is all about learning on a small screen? A big NO since mobile learning (m-learning) needs several things to keep in mind while designing one. And organizations do forget these specifications which highly impact their projected learning goal.

In this article, we will discuss some of the major mobile learning key specifications that organizations should be aware of to avoid the following catastrophe.

1.  Starting the process without a strategy –  since an hour of planning can help you save the days of doing

Evaluation comes before the implementation. Simple research is needed to find the business and training demands along with the learners’ training challenges. Further, brainstorming on how we measure the program’s success, scalability and sustainability will provide you with a detailed sketch of any mobile-learning process strategy.

2. Not providing a device-agnostic design – creates incompatibility

Before implementing m-learning, the organization should make a survey on the learners’ devices through which they are going to access the LMS. So it’s better to provide the list of learners’ device specifications or to get a device-agnostic design from the vendor that works across all platforms.

3. Desktop-based learning content for mobile – may not be appealing and engaging on a mobile device

Be clear that copy-pasting and scaling down the e-learning content is not what building mobile learning is meant to be. Rather a unique mobile-friendly design approach is needed. As the screen dimensions vary, the text, images, videos, and concepts need to be repurposed for a mobile device.

4.  Much complicated content – make learners lose interest and complicate learning

As the learners are using mobile to learn, a long text or a lengthy video can make them distract easily. So, make sure to structure and deliver the learning material as short nuggets as possible, containing less texts and the key ideas delivered with multimedia formats.

5.  Not including the social collaboration – may end up losing a star feature of m-learning

Encouraging the learners to ask their queries and share their achievements with assessments on social media platforms can improve engagement, collaboration, and retention. The learners’ activities such as sharing, commenting, liking, and bookmarking can generate a huge amount of data which in turn can be used to understand the learner and to create a better learning model for the future.

Mobile learning is the current trend. Hence eliminating the possible mobile learning mistakes can assist organizations to avoid some of the costly damages in terms of money, time and effort. Similarly, implementing the right procedures along with cutting-edge technologies can improve the organization’s ROI and help achieve the learning goal in the short time possible.

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