Introducing Microlearning in the flipped classroom

Hope you ever heard one of the ongoing trends in terms of e-learning called Flipped classrooms. Have not yet? Fret not, we got you covered.

Flipped classrooms are inverted traditional classroom types of learning, where learners can review the lectures outside class hours, thus turning the classroom time more engaging and interactive.

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So, how does Micro-learning helps flipped classrooms? Using Micro-learning videos, info-graphics, animation, and images can facilitate explaining complicated topics and core concepts easily freeing up the valuable in-person class time for the more interactive discussion session.

Microlearning in the flipped classroom:

  1. Videos: Microlearning videos are the key to implementing flipped classrooms that can effectively decrease the cognitive workload.
  2. Activities: Preparing assessments of the course topic in the form of quizzes, games, and surveys can improve learner engagement.
  3. Self-directed learning: Giving prior access to the main concepts of the course in the form of Infographics, animations, PDFs, and blogs keep the learners engaged and motivated throughout the course.

With more interaction opportunities, flipped classroom shows better learning outcomes including, a self-paced learning experience and improved problem-solving skills. Ready to utilize microlearning concepts in a flipped classroom?

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