Introducing to Microlearning

As the name suggests, micro learning is presenting the learning material in a bit-sized exercise or short nuggets. The micro-learning modules are short, with 3 – 5 minutes long, and the method is highly suitable for the skill-based training purpose. The modules contain well-defined, focused content designed to achieve specific target objectives in the short time possible.

What is micro-learning?

Microlearning is a learning method that addresses a single learning objective in short nuggets format for encouraging the learner to understand, retain, and practice the attained skills in a more efficient way.

But, keep in mind microlearning approach is not snipping content from a long content rather delivering the whole idea in a short format. Also, microlearning principles don’t suit every learning objective. Always consult a professional instructional designer to check the feasibility of this learning method with your learning objectives.

Why Microlearning?

There are tons of reasons why an organization should integrate a microlearning approach for training its resources. Here we curate the most important benefits of micro-learning.

  1. Economical: The short nuggets have reduced development cycle time, allowing the organization to generate more engaging courses at a reduced cost.
  2. Highly engaging:Unlike traditional learning, micro-learning includes the usage of Info graphics, flashcards, and videos that engage the learners efficiently.
  3. Better retention: The bite-sized learning with quizzes, assessments, and short games utilization gradually increases the concept retention rate with the learners.
  4. Mobile learning: Microlearning principles are highly suitable for mobile allowing the learner to get the training from anywhere at their preferred time.
  5. Compatibility: Learners have been given the opportunity to choose from a variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and IPADs.
  6. Skill utilization: As the learner learns with fun, understands in detail, and retains the concept better, they utilize the attained skills effortlessly in their workplace.

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