Setting up the performance-based learning objectives

Fill the existing knowledge gap by improving the learners’ performance through e-Learning courses to achieve overall business goals. For creating such e-Learning courses, the organization must have a clear performance-based learning objective to attain the expected outcome.

Being the most-sought e-learning software solutions provider, we will offer our knowledge on setting up efficient performance-based learning objectives for your e-learning course content.

A well-curated performance-based learning objective offers to take your organization one-step closer in achieving your targeted business goals.”

  1. Know the business goals:  Everything begins with the business goals. So, every move we make in the following steps should direct us in achieving those business goals.
  2. Analyze the missing skills that result in the knowledge gap:  Find the lacking skills that prevent attaining those business goals, called a knowledge gap. Perform an analysis on employees and identify the resources who lack the required skill set.
  3. Define the learning outcome:  A clear and precise idea on training/learning outcome provides the strategy to fill the knowledge gap and attain the business goals.
  4. Set the measurable action verb:  The measurable action verb including agree, adjust, select, support, or more. The selection varies with the e-learning Services.
  5. Keep it short, specific, and realistic:  Prepare a specific, measurable, and attainable performance-based learning objective. The vague or long objectives have no effect on the learners’ perception of the course.
  6. Include specific criteria for the course:  Specify the level of proficiency on the particular skill that can be attained by the learner on completing the specific course.
  7. Compose appropriate learning strategies:  The poorly structured e-learning course causes a drop in employee performance. The implementation of relevant delivery mechanisms like multi-choice or quiz retains the engagement.

The organization should check the course outcome, get learners’ feedback, and measure the attained skills. Further, the organization should spend time analyzing the results and work to alter the performance-based learning objective to take the company close to the target business goal.

The process is critical and needs expert advice from top-notch Custom eContent Development Services providers like White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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