What Makes Micro-learning the New Paradigm for Sales Training?

When compared to traditional e-learning methods, microlearning is a perfect approach to salesforce training, as it naturally aligns with the modern workplace learning demands and assures you to take your sales training to a new paradigm. Do you want to know how?

Issues faced by the sales employees with conventional training methods:

Do you think that the sales team has the time to sit in hours/days worth of upskill/reskill/product update training sessions? No, since their every minute matters and they are always on the go meeting new clients and delivering proposals.

The conventional training,

1.  Consume more time
2.  Reduces productivity by Imparting cognitive overload
3.  Struggles delivering the key ideas
4.  Cant assist portability
5.  Miss the creativity to engage in a short time

Benefits of micro-learning with sales training:

1.  Continuous learning:

The sales workforce has to remain updated with their sales technique, client product trends, and the consumer insights that are achieved by the micro-learning modules, as it consumes less production time, making the knowledge transfer process much more convenient.

2.  On-time job assistance:

Being bite-sized, concentrated on a single learning objective, and compatible with mobile devices, micro-learning eliminates the need to memorize things carry books and learning materials everywhere you travel.

3.  More attention and engagement:

As we know, the modern learner’s attention spans are decreasing, and micro-learning modules gamified with a max of 3 to 10 minutes duration can hold learner engagement and impart the targeted learning content before the sales person zone out to another task.

4.  Make use of lost time:

The sales personnel are always in transit for client meetings or waiting to get a new proposal gets signed. Micro-learning makes use of those waiting and traveling time for learners to master new skills effortlessly and help them build better learning habits resulting in better sales results.

5.  Epitome of knowledge retention:

Micro-learning mostly includes images, audio, and videos instead of text-heavy subjects and helps learners to digest and retain concepts effortlessly. Micro-learning can be provided in the form of Infographics, PDFs, job aids, podcasts, short reels, and more that help with the easy information recalling the process.

Although micro-learning has its own advantages, it cant be used as a standalone learning/training material for a particular process rather, it can be used as a component to fix the missing gaps of any conventional e-learning method. Further, it takes some professional’s advice to know where to implement micro-learning to reap the benefits to the fullest, like someone having decades of experience with e-learning service delivery called White House Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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