Why Choose Micro-learning for Refresher Training?

Can you remember the major expected outcome of the big project that is discussed in the previous meeting during the last month? Not completely forgotten, but you remember just a piece of information, right? This is because we tend to forget 40% of the learned ideas in 24 hours. We retain only 2 – 3% of the original information in a week or two, making the refresher training critical to the corporate training strategies.

As quick to update, easy to access, and the possibility to utilize a variety of content, microlearning become one of the optimal methods available to add value and make the most out of the refresher training process.

Here we list a some of the salient reasons to incorporate microlearning in the refresher training sessions.

1. Simple yet effective: A microlearning module designed with deep insights to convey a single objective at a time for a maximized learning reinforcement.

2Reduce the cognitive load: Adding a microlearning module in the form of a short video or animation can keep your learners focused throughout the learning/training process.

3. Improves the quality standards: Sharing a performance support aid such as a PPT, PDF, or Info-graphics on a project-related concept can help them avoid repeated mistakes.

4. Consistent follow-up: A regular or scheduled delivery of updated compliance, company policies or safety guidelines through microlearning modules keep them informed and support continuous learning.

5. Break the monotony: Combining multiple learning methods from podcast, blog, webinar, or a simple puzzle eliminate any distraction and complements to reinforce the key learning concepts.

What do you think is the utmost goal of any training program? To Upskill, Reskill, or fortify the existing proficiency for improved productivity consecutively, the ROI. Although microlearning modules can never be an alternative to a well-rounded eLearning course, they act as a supplement to improve the ROI of a dollars-spend training program.

Want to know more about the possibilities and to implement refresher training in the microlearning format?

Improve your employee, client, and partner training results with our enterprise-ready micro-learning training modules that can be tailored to fit your corporate training objectives.

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