5 Features That Make Authoring Tools an Ace of Spades for Rapid eLearning Development

Want to create eLearning courses faster with the same quality and efficiency? Rapid eLearning method is the answer to your quest. Now, what makes it possible for Rapid eLearning to pull off such an impressive outcome, since it leverages its strength from the authoring tools. We will curate few of the prime features of Rapid eLearning authoring tools in this article.


1. Pre-existing media library

As authoring tools come with royalty-free media assets such as buttons, characters, clip-arts, and pictures, it eliminates the need for building them from scratch or subscribing to them for a premium package, saving development costs and time.

2. Inbuilt customizable templates

The availability of pre-built and ready-to-use templates with multiple layouts, a range of design elements, and a collection of interactivities that seamlessly create an impactful eLearning experience.

3. Easy implementation of interactive elements

To keep the learners engaged, authoring tools aid a multitude of instructional design strategies such as gamification, branching scenarios, and storytelling with the contribution of inter-activities from polls, quizzes, and gamification to the latest AR/VR technologies.

4. Responsive design output

As accessing the learning content anytime, anywhere becomes the utmost expectation of any rapid eLearning courses, authoring tools support responsive designs that are compatible with desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

5. Effective evaluation process

An Authoring tool equipped with a complete set of assessment templates helps measure the learner’s progress toward achieving the training objectives. Further, analyzing the assessment result assists in identifying the skill gap to improve the future course content for a better outcome.

There is a myriad of authoring tools available in the market. For developing a custom-made rapid eLearning course, the concern needs to have a clear-cut idea about the authoring tool and a vision of the expected target. As these are not simple terms to implement, you need some professional assistance from a reliable eLearning service provider like White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India.

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