5 Key Merits of Mobile Learning That Can Scale Your Corporate Training

Are you in a dilemma to adopt mobile learning with your corporate training events? Here in this article, we will brief a few of the many reasons for mLearning being considered as “Ace of spades” among L&D leaders.

Although Mobile learning can never be an end-to-end replacement for a well-rounded learning program, it has unique features that cater to a wide range of corporate training processes.


Listing top 5 merits of mobile learning with the corporate training techniques:

1.  Performance support

a)   On-demand access to the training material, readily available 24/7
b)   Mobile learning encourages self-paced learning
c)   Just-in-time performance support for both mobile and in-house employees

2.  Multi-device compatibility

a)   The mobile-optimized content is compatible with tablets, desktops, and web pages
b)   Multi-device support encourages on-the-go learning process
c)   Thus, mLearning promotes comfort and flexibility in the training process.

3.  Improved knowledge retention

a)   Offering lengthy subjects as microlearning modules improve knowledge retention
b)   Involving quizzes, polls, and surveys can fortify the learner engagement
c)   Converting the hard-to-learn concepts as a gamified solution decrease the forgetting curve

4.  Continuous learning support

a)   Offline feature allows the mobile workforce to access the courses at their convenience
b)   Mobile learning stimulates the scheduled delivery of learning materials in a regular interval
c)   Instant update on the company policy, product upgrade, and the compliance guidelines

5.  Attain the Learning Objective faster

a)   Mobile learning supports a variety of training strategies from AR, VR and 360° videos.
b)   Effectively promotes social and collaborative learning among employees
c)   Notification on the upcoming event and assessments can help drive both completion and retention rates

As the smartphone market grows by leaps and bounds every year, leveraging mobile learning assures you to future-proof your corporate training programs. Besides, mobile learning costs much lesser and also poses a range of benefits that can positively impact the bottom line of any organization.

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