How Mobile Learning Can Support Different Types of Corporate Training?

As smartphone become an inevitable part of everyone’s life, it has also become inevitable in the L and D of every organization.Do you want to know how this mobile learning scan create an impact with the corporate training initiatives?

In this article, we curate some of the essential ideologies about mobile learning and its influence in corporate training techniques.


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1. Orientation training

The organizational values, culture, and office tour can be distributed as short video files incorporated with the latest trends like AR, VR, and simulations for an immersive learning experience. Further, mobile learning supports a hybrid workforce by translating the course into their own language.

2. Onboarding training

Make your workforce ready as soon as possible by assigning the on-boarding program beforehand. The concept of  accessing the learning material anytime, anywhere encourages self-paced learning.

3. Product training

Product updates or an introduction to new products/software can be delivered as Infographics, animation, or short video files promoting continuous learning among the employees. And knowledge retention on a particular concept can be validated through quizzes, polls, and surveys.

4. Sales training

As sales professionals are not always present in the workplace, mobile learning allows instant product and sales-related updates. Further, the flexibility of Just-in-time access to the previous knowledge materials can improve workforce productivity.

5. Compliance and safety training

Although boring and monotonous, converting those guidelines into microlearning modules and sending them to the employees on a regular intervals can improve the completion rate. Further, gamification of some critical concepts helps them retain the knowledge in a long run.

The company that invest in their employee growth, invest in their success. Incorporating mobile learning with corporate training can enhance the employee engagement thus improving the training ROI for that organization. Now the concern is mobile learning methodologies may not be suitable for every course concept and the training types.

So how to know about the compatibility of mobile learning with the available training types and the suitable approach to make the most of it? So, Here you are in need of a best e-Learning Service Provider, similar to White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India. Need to revamp or to build a mobile learning course from the scratch? Reach out to us to learn more about the possibilities.

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