How to Find the Best Rapid E-learning Partner in 4 Steps?

Developing a rapid e-learning course in-house is expensive compared to outsourcing. Hence to outsource their learning requirement, companies spend a lot of time selecting the best rapid e-learning partner for them to achieve their learning goal, since e-learning is a long-term investment that can highly impact an organization’s success ratio.

To assist with the best rapid E-learning development partner selection process, we have given you 4 consolidated steps in this article.

Step 1 : Vendor competency

Do a background search about the e-learning partners that you have chosen for your project. The important tip here is to calculate your vendor experience (along with the quality). Similarly, the vendor who is offering a spectrum of e-learning services to clients for diverse industrial areas is also essential, since they can comfortably scale to meet your future learning needs. Below is the vendor competency checklist:

i.    E-learning experience
ii.   Diverse industrial expertise
iii.  Client base
iv.  Flexibility & scaling

Step 2 : Cultural ideologies

A perfect rapid e-learning course material with plagiarized content and visuals can jeopardise your future. Hence it is better to ask and make sure if they are using licensed software, their quality checks, and their production processes, which can help you avoid any possible future legal issues. Always ask for a live demo of their product and check their client testimonials before finalizing the vendor. Below is the vendor cultural ideologies checklist:

i.   Credibility
ii.  Legal factors
iii. Vendor values
iv. Learning strategy

Step 3 : Project management

Make sure your prospective e-learning service provider is having the exceptional managerial capacity to take each step in a sensible and organized way for them to submit the deliverable on or before the stipulated date. Further, choosing a vendor who can provide Post-deployment support will be an added advantage. Last but not the least, ask for the budget (as per your requirements). Going with a cheap price will not always provide you with the best quality solution. Consider the vendor who can provide quality rapid e-learning solutions at an affordable rate. Below is the vendor Project management checklist:

i.    Managerial ability
ii.   Budget constraints
iii.  Time management
iv.  Post-deployment support

Step 4 : Core capabilities

Does your vendor has a multi-talented resource team and is equipped with the latest technological advancements? Can they handle the range of your learning needs? If they have these skills, they can efficiently save both time and effort. Also, make sure e-learning service is their primary area of specialization, not an add-on in their catalog. Predominantly, look for a vendor who can customize the solution in line with your learning demands. Below is the vendor Core capabilities checklist:

i.   Cutting-edge technologies
ii.  Service range
iii. Team capacity
iv. Customization capability

There exists a great difference between an E-learning solution provider and an E-learning service partner since the partner takes up challenges, adds value, and invests in your success. Hence selecting the Best Rapid E-learning Partner is a cumbersome process, spend some time building a strong basement for a better future learning endeavor with your organization.

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