5 Tips to Design Social Learning Videos

The Most Preferred Training Approach in 2022

In today’s paradigm of the corporate training world, social learning plays an inevitable role on the grounds that employees acquire 20% of their knowledge from observing their peers in the workplace. So, they learn from watching/observing others. How about some life-threatening workplaces like medical, chemical, marine, or the research industry? A video designed with social learning elements comes in handy for this situation.

Leveraging social learning videos can nurture collaboration and facilitates learner engagement that can be used to supplement various corporate training initiatives. Apart from being a supplement, social learning videos have a myriad of beneficial factors, such as engagement, consistency, personalization, and flexibility, making it the most preferred training approach in 2022.

Based on the training requirement, the social learning videos are viable in several forms, such as:

1. Instructional video
2. Instructor-led video
3. Animated explainer video
4. Interactive video
5. Microlearning video

In this article, we will list 5 tips for designing an engaging social learning video for your corporate training process.

1. Analyze the business goals to align the learning objectives – This could help improve the effectiveness of the video development process.

2. Know your audience and dig into their demographics – This could help localize the content that could seamlessly address their culture, language, and ethics as per their geographical region.

3. Select the video type and build the script with design – The incredibly written script, along with the sound instructional design, can easily bring your ideas into reality.

4. Production:  Keeping a high production value from story-boarding, shooting, creating animation, and graphic designing to adding annotation, narration, and music can eliminate distraction with precise message delivery.

5. Check the feasibility and flexibility of the final output – Multi-device accessibility with content compatibility on different screen sizes makes the difference in the completion rate.

Bonus: Always keep it short –  A good thumb rule of video not more than 5 minutes, and concentrating on a single learning objective can yield a truly effective learning/training experience.

A well-developed learning video has an astonishing potential to create a massive impact on every organization’s learning goals and its training ROI. Besides, when crafted with an ideal instructional design approach, it can grow your audience and expand your brand’s recognition.

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